Career TEAM partners with higher education institutions, workforce development boards, and other organizations with ultimate goal is to help individuals find their EDGE in life!

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Our education solutions include content and tools to support soft skills and professional development of non-traditional student populations and recent high school graduates.

Our program, Career EDGE can be utilized in Student Success and Career Success courses.  We also collaborate with educators, Career Services, IT, Admissions and Marketing to weave a career success focus into the entire student life-cycle.

In addition to our student facing solutions, our employer platform is designed to ignite employer engagement, and present graduates to hiring authorities the modern way.

Our research shows us that Career Services teams spend a disproportionate amount of time with students.  The Career TEAM Employer Engagement Academy is an employer focused training program for Career Services to learn business plan development, presentation skills, social media, and more.

Workforce Development:

Career TEAM also runs a series of American Job Centers where we serve various populations including TANF, Long-Term Unemployed, and displaced workers.  The goal of these centers is to provide our VIPs with the confidence to take the next step in their careers, as well as connect them with employment opportunities.

We also provide platforms and curriculum for other social initiatives including Mental Health, Substance Abuse Recovery, and more.


In addition, Micaela is passionate about organizational leadership.  She believes that heart centered leadership coupled with accountability, drives talent, retention and RESULT$!  She enjoys consulting with organizations to improve customer and talent retention.  She strives to inspire organizations to create a coaching culture.  Additionally, Micaela is committed to supporting women in leadership – especially working moms.

She can often be found speaking at industry conferences on these topics and contributing to women’s leadership organizations.

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