Live the Life You Want, Because You Can!

"Expansion, Grace, Service"

“Expansion, Grace, Service”

Thank you for visiting Life Without Limitation – a space for purpose driven leaders to generate ideas, innovate, and gain support in the areas of performance, professional development and placement, and life!

With a personal mission statement of, “Supporting people in creating fulfilled and abundant lives,” my passions have led me to a career in higher education, coaching, and career development.  I’ve spent the last 9 years in higher education and I am currently the President of Career TEAM’s Education division. Prior to this role, I served as National Director of Sales for McGraw Hill Education, where I was charged with building the Private Sector Sales organization and improving student outcomes through institutional partnerships and adaptive learning platforms.

The past decade of experience has shown me that the biggest barriers to success are in the HEART & HEAD!  As such, I have powerfully chosen to live ONE IDENTITY and make intentional strides to help individuals re-write the stories holding them back from achieving a “Life Without Limitation.”

Join me on this journey where we will unpack, explore, and gain elevation with the ultimate goal of creating fulfilled and abundant lives! 


Let’s go! 


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