Southwest Airlines Saves the Day for Working Mothers

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December 20, 2015 0 Comments
I have long been a loyal Southwest Airlines customer and have always enjoyed the smiling faces, hilarious flight attendants, and positive culture Southwest exudes…but I never realized how much I would appreciate them until Southwest saved the day for this working mother!

As the President of Career TEAM’s Education Division, I travel extensively bouncing from coast to coast on a weekly basis. When I became pregnant with my son, I went through the normal range of emotions of any working mother.  How am I going to do this?

 Southwest has become a significant contributor to my version of working  motherhood.
Wendy & Kai Southwest
 Their unmatched rewards program affords me a Companion Pass that I use to fly my mom, Wendy (aka The Traveling Granny Nanny) with me on business trips all over the country.  At just 19 months old, my son, Kai has been on 22 plane rides, visited 8 states, and toured 15 cities.  Sure, It is a LOT of work traveling with a toddler.  Sometimes he doesn’t sleep through the night on the eve of an important conference presentation.  But actually experiencing his mom as an empowered professional and planting seeds of adventure in his young impressionable mind….this is not only my opportunity….this is my responsibility.

It is a thrilling time to be a rising female leader in the 21st century.  We are living in a world where success doesn’t have to look one way.  By shifting our paradigm about the traditional workday, leveraging technology and humanizing the workplace,  possibilities exist for women to continue excelling in their careers AND be hands-on moms.  Southwest plays a major role in my working motherhood, and for that I say THANK YOU!

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With a personal mission statement of supporting people in creating fulfilled and abundant lives, I’ve spent the past decade in higher education. I am currently the President of Career TEAM’s Education division. Prior to this role, I served as National Director of Sales for McGraw Hill Education.

After years of successful development with my own coach, Kathy Milburn, I completed the ICF accredited, Accomplishment Coaching Leadership and Coaches training program. I am also a certified trainer in the Aha! Process, Bridges Out Of Poverty program. I strongly believe that education is the gateway to empowerment, self-confidence and most of all — choice!

My husband, Nick and I are both San Diego State University graduates, and describe San Diego as, “living in nature’s playground”! We share a passion for travel, and can’t wait to expose our son, Kai to different cultures around the globe!



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